Why You Have To Do What God Shows You In Your Dreams

You will see that your enemies will become your best friends in the future, only because you will forgive their mistakes and sins.

They will have the chance to think about what you could have done against them if you were evil, and they will be grateful because you didn’t hurt them.

I was offended numerous times during my arduous mission, but I always saw those who attacked me regret because they were so cruel with me.

Since I never did anything against anyone, they had the chance to regret. Later they were more than kind with me. They showed me their gratitude because I didn’t do anything to hurt them, the same way they hurt me.

I know that when you are hurt, you cannot simply forgive your enemies. You want to get revenge. This is why you are violent. In the end you do something against your enemies that is many times worse than what they did against you. So, you become worse than them.

Therefore, you have to forgive your enemies and always have the behavior of a saint in order to avoid making tragic mistakes.

You cannot let the bomb inside your brain explode (your terrible anti-conscience). This bomb must disappear thanks to your goodness and your wisdom.

There are many other reasons why you have to eliminate your anti-conscience.

Your satanic anti-conscience makes you accept immorality and dishonesty with indifference. You become a disgusting monster who is not ashamed of anything.

You stop respecting your moral principles. You stop being able to distinguish the difference between good and bad. You forget who you are.

Then other people take advantage of your lack of intelligence. You have traumatic experiences. The human being inside you is more suffocated. You have no courage to do anything.

If you prefer to listen to the absurd and evil thoughts that pass through your mind, you cannot avoid the vicious circle of the obsessive thoughts generated by your anti-conscience.

You keep making mistakes, and facing terrible situations. Other people make everything even worse for you. No one helps you stop listening to the repetitive thoughts that your anti-conscience keeps sending to your conscience.

This is why you have to follow God’s guidance in your dreams independently of your opinion.

Your doctor is the only one who knows how your precious human conscience can be saved.

Everything would be much better for every person if everyone else had the behavior of a saint. However, we are in a world of demons. Most people have the behavior imposed by Satan. This is why there is terror on earth.

In order to stop having traumatic experiences in life and become a better person you have to begin by accepting your suffering without being evil. Whatever happens to you is a consequence of the negative tendencies you have inherited.

You may be unable to verify why you are evil by yourself, but God will give you many explanations in your dreams. You will understand your mistakes and your psychological problems as if you were a psychologist yourself.

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