Welcome to my store.


Did you say Store?

But this doesn’t look like a store?

Yes, this is really an Amazon Store disguised as a Blog!

Or is it a Blog disguised as an Amazon Store!

I don’t even know myself, anymore.

Just click on the store tab and be prepared to be Amazed!

Actually, I really am a blogger, who’s failed miserably at Internet Marketing.

So, this is my attempt at supporting my blogging.  This can get a little costly after awhile.

Because my wife said if I spend one more penny on this internet stuff, you know the rest.

She may be justified. If I told you home many other people I’ve made rich for by buying their Amazingly Easy Million Dollar Auto Push Button System, that With Just A FEW Clicks on your laptop in Aruba, drinking an Umbrella Drink you will become the next Lazy Millionaire.

Not really sure where Aruba is, but I though it sounded cool.

I could have retired by know.

But, the scary reality is I’m not alone!

And many more people than I have spent so much more, maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad.

But, that’s because my wife put me on an allowance.

Ya know! There are many kinds of ADDICTIONS.

Thinking there is such a thing as an easy way is RIDICULOUS.

Unless you daddy gives you a little help with a Million Dollars to get started (Does this remind you of anyone?), it might not be so easy.

So, I’m going back to what I know.

Writing stuff, I hope people like!

And if you like it, you might actually check out my store and find something there too.

So, check out the Store tab.

If you really like it BUY SOMETHING PLEASE!

If not, worst case you’ll enjoy the site, share it with your friends and come back for more.