Tormented by Their Own Imagination

The existence of demons is a furphy, which is Australian slang for something heard from a reputable source and believed to be true until someone proves otherwise.

My reincarnation is proof that all religious claims are furphies and that the majority of the population are tormented by their own imagination.

The preaching of devils, angels, saints, and other things of a supernatural nature are designed as window dressing and weapons of spiritual destruction.

Suggestions have life and they multiply as time goes by, especially when believed in by the majority.

To create that state required a lot of violence, torture, and murder carried out by religious forces until the people were all of the one accord.

But how can that work in a world where opinions matter?

The facts are that it can’t and that is why we are seeing the huge break-away from so-called ‘faith’ in these the last days

With a link to the Spirit of the Universe, which is the only real God, much has been given to me to pass on to those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see.

The majority are deaf and blind to reality because it was made to be that way (Isaiah 29:10-12).

Only when the Spirit allows will they come to know how much they have been fooled and learn the truth.

That time has come and the Internet is spreading the light of God throughout the world and removing the darkness that has held it since the start of the day.

The things that blocks out the light and brings the evil upon them is their own imagination and fear.

Only those strong in the Spirit can get beyond it and many of those have left the world behind and are seeking the power in groups where the Spirit is active (Ezekiel 39:29).

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