Enjoy Better Health Through A Hobby

A hobby is one of the most fulfilling ways to capture “me” time, enjoy better health, and have an abundance of social interaction. Everyone needs “me” time. Life for too many people can quickly become only career and family. While both are important to a satisfying life, we often leave little time for ourselves.

Here are some of the benefits that you gain from the enjoyment a hobby.

Watch Your Self-Esteem Grow

  • Self-esteem is a foundational block to healthy living and means having confidence in your own worth and abilities. Self-esteem equals self-respect and a good hobby is all about personal achievement.
  • A special pastime is something you can feel good about regardless of how others things are going. Becoming proficient in an activity done for pure pleasure builds personal confidence and we feel self-assured.
  • Also, we all need positive diversions in our busy lives and a special interest fits this bill. Finding a leisure pursuit that is fun to do and a rewarding way to spend me time alone or with others, if you choose.

Experience Better Health

  • Our health is important to us. Busy lives loaded with endless commitments, activities, and multitasking, generally have ample stress, too. Stress without release disturbs our physical and mental equilibrium.
  • A good way to relieve stress is to generate self-confidence and positive feelings. A lift to our mood increases calmness and nurtures our spirit. Stress relief has the added benefit of staving off burnout in all aspects of our life.
  • Beyond just the outlet for stress release, a hobby has been proven beneficial to physical health, too. Studies show that people who spend around 20-30 minutes each week in a hobby activity experience less fatigue and lower blood pressure. Fatigue, of course, not only attacks out physical conditioning but also our mental well-being
  • After a long week on the job, when we’re often worn down and we still have the weekend to make it through. Spending time in a hobby recharges our batteries. Engaging in a chosen activity provides a break from routine with a purpose, which helps conquer the feeling of just ‘sitting around’.

Capture Your Creative Self

  • I’ve always admired friends who have creative talents. A lot of creative abilities seem to come directly from the womb. Even though natural creativity is something that I wasn’t personally blessed with, I have discovered mine through a lifelong hobby.
  • As an amateur photography, I am able to be my own creative self. I may never become a top landscape, fashion, or portrait photographer, but from this creative outlet personal expression shines through with each photo I take.
  • Your own creative juices will germinate through your favorite pastime. What’s really great is that creativity is just limited to the visual or performance fields. Stamp collecting, sewing, tennis, or many more activities will offer a positive outlet for personal creativity.

Gain Social Interaction and Friends

  • Everyone with a special pastime activity will experience the rewards of meeting new people and acquiring new friends. Special interests always center around social interaction and support. No doubt, too, it is much easier to meet people and make friends when a common interest exists.
  • Increased meaning in your life, stress reduction, and positive self-worth are also part of social interaction. Social connections definitely go hand-in-hand with good health
  • Have you noticed that the benefits from hobbies have to do with enjoyment, confidence, creativity, and feeling positive.

Your hobby will lead to wonderful life experiences that you may never have imagined. If you don’t have a hobby, get one and you’ll be glad you did.


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