Why You Have To Do What God Shows You In Your Dreams

You will see that your enemies will become your best friends in the future, only because you will forgive their mistakes and sins. They will have the chance to think about what you could have done against them if you were evil, and they will be grateful because you didn’t hurt them. I was offended […]

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Energy Healing And Body Talk

These days there are so many healing techniques available to us, like: Quantum Touch Massotherapy Touch for Health Zero Balancing Healing Touch Chiropractic Chakra Balancing Ki Gong Green Tea the list goes on and on. It’s exciting to know that more and more people around the world are accepting the healing value of alternative and […]

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A Scientific Discovery That Proves The Importance Of Religion

My scientific research began with a philosophical research through literature. When I had psychological problems I studied many scientific subjects, especially Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. In the end, my dreams and the scientific discoveries that happened in the end of the 20th century helped me understand the importance of religion. I discovered that […]

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Enjoy Better Health Through A Hobby

A hobby is one of the most fulfilling ways to capture “me” time, enjoy better health, and have an abundance of social interaction. Everyone needs “me” time. Life for too many people can quickly become only career and family. While both are important to a satisfying life, we often leave little time for ourselves. Here […]

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5 A Day – 5 Daily Habits That Could Keep You Happy

Many people have their routines and rituals each day. Sometimes they work for a lot of people and sometimes they work uniquely for an individual. Here are the essential “5 A Day”, daily habits that could keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life: 1. Drink Water – Hydration is probably one […]

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