A Scientific Discovery That Proves The Importance Of Religion

My scientific research began with a philosophical research through literature. When I had psychological problems I studied many scientific subjects, especially Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

In the end, my dreams and the scientific discoveries that happened in the end of the 20th century helped me understand the importance of religion.

I discovered that God produces our dreams in order to cure our absurd psyche because we are in fact demons with a tiny conscience, which is underdeveloped and must be developed with our participation in this process during our lives on earth.

This unexpected discovery was in fact a revelation. I had many clues about the same matters, and I related the information I found.

Sometimes I could discover something about the evil human nature thanks to a scientific discovery. Other times I had strange information in a dream and I looked for scientific proof that could justify the information I had.

I also looked for information about metaphysical phenomena and religion, besides relating everything to philosophy and art. My research was based on relating every kind of information I could find to the meaning of dreams.

The truth I discovered in the end is tragic, but we have a big consolation because God is alive and He speaks in dreams. Now that I completed Carl Jung’s research and I simplified the dream language everyone can understand God’s symbolic messages in their dreams and solve all their problems thanks to His wisdom.

Carl Jung’s work and my work created a bridge that unites God with every human being.

We have a human side because God gave us a human conscience, besides being basically demons, since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience.

The bridge we created is a big advantage for humanity, but nothing is simple. In order to become mentally healthy human beings we have to attain sanctity by obeying God’s guidance in our dreams and in our religion.

The mindset of the modern civilization is totally wrong. The future generations will understand this fact, but you can understand it today thanks to God’s revelations in dreams.

Most people try to live in a private paradise on earth, surrounded by poverty and terror. They believe that money is more important than anything else, concentrating their attention on the material pleasures they can have.

These people are wasting their time, besides being exposed to numerous dangers. They can have many material pleasures for a certain period of time, but they will be punished later. God lets them have pleasant moments to help them understand the difference between happiness and despair when they will pay for their sins.

Everything happens based on our necessity to stop being absurd and evil and attain sanctity.

God lets many people have the false impression that they can be happy on earth if they have money because He must test our capacity to understand the meaning of life, and He must let us develop our sensitivity without forcing us to be good.

We have to stop wanting to be selfish and prefer to be generous for being sensitive and intelligent. We have to understand by ourselves the importance of goodness and desire to attain sanctity because we want to see everyone having a happy life.

We must have the capacity to attain a higher level of consciousness and realize that we depend on one another and this is why we must love one another.


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